The vegetable garden of mamma Ada

An oasis of peace and serenity to cultivate love for our land.

The love for the territory has always guided us. For our mountains, beautiful, majestic, admired all over the world. For the environment in which we live, uncontaminated, very pure, an ecosystem to be protected and safeguarded. For the fruits that this earth can give us when it is respected, loved and cultivated.

Precisely for this reason, many years ago Mrs. Ada – mother of Luciano and Marco, owners of Casa ai Laresi – wanted to create an organic vegetable garden. A green and tidy space, in which plants could grow and find their ideal habitat.

Even today the vegetable garden is cultivated respecting the rhythms of nature and the soil conditions. Every year, at the beginning of the good season, we plant only what can grow in these latitudes, without forcing of any kind. The rest is in the hands of nature and our patient daily work.

It is in this way that a small oasis of peace and serenity has taken shape around the house. A place where our guests can go to rediscover their relationship with nature and that contact with the earth that the chaotic rhythm of modern life often push us to neglect. You can go there in the morning, before going out to visit the valley or do some sport, or in the evening, when you come back from a busy day of activities. Our garden is equipped with deck chairs, tables and benches. You can use them to relax in the green.

For us it is a joy to welcome you in our garden and vegetable garden, to show you the plants and tell you their stories. Above all, we like to see the surprise and curiosity in the eyes of the little ones, enchanted to see a sprout emerging from the ground or watching a flower bloom. These are the small moments that make our work so special and that, we hope, they can do the same with your holiday.

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