Stelvio National Park

The pure nature and the breathtaking landscapes tell the history of this territory.

With more than 134 thousand hectares distributed between the provinces of Trento, Bolzano, Brescia and Sondrio, the Stelvio National Park is the largest park in the Alps. The side of the park in the Trentino region includes Pejo and Rabbi Valleys, preserving in these places a pure and uncontaminated natural environment.

Majestic peaks, lush forests, green meadows, resonant waterfalls and sparkling streams: the Stelvio National Park offers a unique setting, with different ecosystems and an incredible variety of flora and fauna.

The Ortles-Cevedale group – right on the border between Trentino-Alto Adige and Lombardy – is its core. It is one of the largest mountain ranges in the Alps, with peaks of over 3,000 meters and numerous glaciers. At its foot is Pejo Valley, where Casa ai Laresi is located.

The fauna of the park has over 260 species only among vertebrates. Royal eagles and bearded vultures, deers and steinbocks, groundhogs, hares and stoats are some of the creatures you could encounter along the paths of the park. Observing the vegetation, you will see instead many conifers, especially white and red firs and larches, which also give the name to our house. At the highest altitudes, the woods leave space for the alpine meadows, interspersed with ferrugineus rhododendron, juniper and mountain pine belts. Despite the very low temperatures – which in winter can fall well below -20°C – the strong winds and abundant snowfall, many plants can survive even above 3,000 meters of altitude.

But the Stelvio is also a park full of history. During the First World War these woods were crossed by the border along which the troops of the Kingdom of Italy and those of the Austro-Hungarian Empire confronted each other. Even today, roads and mule tracks, trenches and military villages are a precious proof of what happened in these places.

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